What can we do for your Mercedes?



Mercedes car key replacements and spare keys


If you have misplaced your Mercedes keys, we can get you back on the road usually on the same day that you contact us (If you’re in London). Once you’re happy with our quote, we arrange for a technician to come and see you.


  1. Unlock vehicle 

  2. Cut the key(s) 

  3. Program the key(s)

  4. Job done!  


If you only need an additional key, this is a very quick and easy procedure and we are sure to have ALL your Mercedes keys in stock. A spare key is usually supplied, cut and programmed in under 20 minutes. We provide the latest style of Mercedes keys (BGA chrome style).



Mercedes non-start issues


Your Mercedes key not being recognized by the ignition switch (EIS) could be due to a number of different causes.


Key hardware/software failure 


Your Mercedes keys contains two of the most important components which also happen to be the most vulnerable to failure. 


The key coil is the component that allows the key’s data to be read by the ignition switch. If this component fails or breaks, it will cause the key to become ‘dead’ when inserted into the ignition switch.


Sometimes the hardware is completely fine, but, the NEC chip which holds the key’s data may get data corruption and again cause the entire key to become useless.



Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS/EZS) failure 



The Mercedes electronic ignition switch EIS/EZS is the next culprit on our list of causes of non-start in Mercedes-benz vehicles. The EIS fails due to software (eeprom/flash) corruption and also hardware issues such as the EIS coil, IR receiver or processer (MCU). 


Electronic Steering Lock (ESL/ELV) failure 


The electronic steering lock is located on your Mercedes’ steering column. It has two main failures, the first is a mechanical failure where the motor which locks and unlocks the steering looses power and stops responding to the request from the PCB on the ESL. The other is the data stored within the NEC/Motorola processors on the ESL PCB, this could become locked and cause the ESL to become ‘dead’ altogether. 


ESL/ELV problems are very common on the following vehicles: 


  • Mercedes C class (W204) 

  • Mercedes E class Coupe (W207) 

  • Mercedes E class (W212) with ESL

  • Mercedes GL (X204) 




Stolen/damaged EIS/EZS (Ignition switch) 


We have had many customers who have had their car/van broken into and their ignition switch being stolen in attempts to come back and take the vehicle. In this situation we can re-assure you that we can help. We stock a wide range of ignition switches and in most cases can get a new ignition supplied and programmed to your vehicle at your location. This means zero hassle, dealer-level service and at the best price available to you!

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