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Broken/Damaged your car Key? 

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Why do we want to repair them for you?


At SMARTKEY we value car keys and believe that they should never be left worn or broken. After all, they’re the keys to your precious car and without them your car would not function.


Let’s be honest, having a worn or broken car key can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Like keeping them tucked away because they are falling apart or having the remote buttons not working and wrestling with your door lock in the rain is not safe or ideal.


So do you actually need to refurbish and look after your keys?


Well, if you’re keeping your car and the keys are worn, torn or broken this could put them at a higher risk of suddenly becoming dysfunctional/non-operational. If that happens then you will face the burden and cost of getting a technician out to replace them and that’s not CHEAP!


If you’re thinking of selling your car, having only one key or a key which is broken or worn could lose the sale or lead to a drop down in the price you expected to get for it. People don’t want to start ownership of a new vehicle with a broken key...



What type of faults can we repair?


  • Worn out key blades

  • Keys broken in half

  • Worn remote buttons/housings

  • Broken flip blades

  • Damaged/broken PCB

  • Battery circuit/connector faults

  • Worn out logos / branding



FAQ on Car key repairs


Q: How much does key repairs costs?


A: key repairs and refurbishments usually cost between £35-50 but vary depending on type/model and fault.


Q: How long does it take?


A: Upon receiving the key at our workshop we aim to send it back within 24hrs


Q: Can you test my key before sending it back?


A: of course! Testing is the most important part, once the key has been repaired it will be tested fully for operation before dispatch.


Q: is it safe to use a postal service for my key?


A: Royal Mail 1st class Signed for has proven to be a very reliable and safe method to send us your keys. Up to now we have not encountered any issues or delays with the service.

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